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Why HTLS Conductors
  • Less sag at high temperatures
  • Higher annealing temperatures
  • Reduced resistance
  • Can replace conventional conductors with no (or minimal) modifications to structures or ROWs
  • Can significantly increase the rating of TL with no (or minimal) licensing requirements or public opposition

New generation conductors or High Performance Conductors (HPC) have been developed to uprate transmission and distribution corridors. The HPCs are capable of running upto 2500C and carry upto twice the amount of power.

There are different types of HPCs being used worldwide on a commercial basis. They can be further divided into High Temperature Low Seg (HTLS) Conductor and High Temperature (HT) Conductors. Amongst the main types are:

  1. ACCC - HTLS and Low Loss
  2. GAP - HTLS
  3. Invar - HTLS
  4. Acss/TW - HT and Low Loss
  5. TACSR - HT

These HPC are being used in a significant way in the advanced countries because of the numerous benefits they provide.

ACCC : Aluminum Conductor Carbon Composite

These type of conductors can reduce the I2R (major portion of technical) line losses by 25 to 40% compared to conventional type of conductors for the same diameter and weight, under equal load conditions. Hence, this type of conductor is also a Low Loss HPC.

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